Blockchain Productivity.

the Future of Decentralized Applications.

Blockchain Productivity helps our partners understand and deploy managed systems for bulk computing applications. We deliver transformational cost structure through hosted solutions. Do you have special security or latency requirements? We can deliver significant value on premises and at the base of a cell tower (at the Edge) as well. 

This allows us to deliver a unique IaaS solution for a world that is quickly evolving beyond centralized cloud. Let's explore what you can do with bulk computing at scale.



IT Revenue. 


Minimize Costs.

(Operating & Capital.)


Blockchain Productivity leverages sophistication in computing, finance, energy markets, and operations.

Ilya Tabakh.

Computer Architecture

& Systems Engineering.

Dolf Ivener.

Modular Energy Systems
& Commodity Trading.

Josef Loeffler.

Real Estate

Energy Markets.

Vlad Kaufman.

Utility & Engineering Operations Optimization.

Operation Dynamics.

We help our partners understand optimal IT deployment strategy (SODA) and deliver turn-key infrastructure in a quickly evolving world.




Pool & Marketplace Contracts
Daily-Monthly Settlement
Paid in Digital Currencies
Stored in Cold Storage
No Uptime Requirement
Electricity Expense @ $50/Megawatt

Cooling Managed by Large Fans

Computers Managed Remotely

Resources Aggregated in vContainers



5th Generation Intel Xeon Processors

4 Processors/2U Chassis

80 Processors/Rack

Purchased at Discount in the Secondary Market

Our History.

We are continually deploying assets for decentralized applications for our partners. That's 20,000+ CPU Cores and counting.

Installed 3600 CPU Cores & AmbientCube

March 2018 - Sioux City, IA


4000 CPU Cores

June 2018 - Sioux City, IA


7200 CPU Cores

January 2018 - Sioux City, IA

Expanded GPU


August 2017 - Kansas City, MO

Initial GPU Deployment

July 2017 - Kansas City, MO


360 CPU Core Rack

September 2017 - Sioux City, IA


3200 CPU Cores

November 2017 - Sioux City, IA